NO CONTACT or COMMUNICATION with a college coach before Sept. 1 of prospective student-athlete's junior year in high school

  • Do NOT call or contact a college coach before Sept. 1 of PSA's junior year
  • NO recruiting messages to a college coach via a club/high-school coach or any third party before Sept. 1 of PSA's junior year
  • NO recruiting conversations during a camp or clinic
  • NO unofficial visits before Sept. 1 of PSA's junior year


Question:  What is a college coach permitted to say if a PSA initiates a call or contact with an institution's coach prior to Sept 1 of the PSA's  junior year?


Answer:  The coach may NOT engage in any recruiting conversations.  However, the coach may confirm the PSA's  age, explain the recruiting rules and then must end the call or contact.




Question:  May an institution's coach send recruiting messages through a PSA's high school/club coach or another third party?  


Answer: NO.  If a coach cannot contact a prospective student-athlete directly, then he or she can NOT send recruiting messages indirectly through a high school/ club coach or another third party.




 Question:  May an institution's coach have evaluation conversations (e.g., athletics ability) with a PSA's  high school/club coach before Sept 1 of the PSA's  junior year?


Answer:  Yes.  However, these conversations should NOT be used to indirectly send recruiting messages (e.g. verbal offer of aid) to a prospective student-athlete.   

Permissible:  Evaluation topics with high school/club coach:

  • High school/club coach's evaluation of the PSA's academics, athletic skills, speed, agility, personality, character, work ethic, coachability...
  • Institution's coach expression of interest in the PSA

Impermissible:  Evaluation topics with high school/club coach:

  • Confirming a PSA is on institution's recruiting list, including ranking on list
  • Requesting the high school/club coach tell the PSA to:

                  1.  Send transcript, report card or board scores

                2. Attend a camp where college coach will be present

  • Asking if the PSA is interested in the school, including level of interest ​
  • Any discussion with high school/club coach of potential financial aid or athletic scholarship offers
  • Setting up future phone calls or visits for the PSA

Question:  May a college coach have an evaluation conversation with a high school/club coach with the PSA listening to the conversation?


Answer:  No.  This would be using a high school/club coach to circumvent the recruiting rule prohibiting contact with a PSA until Sept. 1 of junior year.


Question:  May an institution's coach ask a high school/club coach to inform his or her team of the recruiting legislation?


Answer:  Yes.


Question:  During an institutional camp or clinic, may a coach have recruiting conversations with a lacrosse PSA prior to Sept. 1 of his or her junior year?


Answer:  NO.  


Question:  During an institution camp or clinic, may a coach provide a campus tour to a lacrosse PSA prior to Sept. 1 of his or her junior year?


Answer:  Yes.  A campus tour would be permissible; however, no recruiting conversations may occur.


Question:  During an institution camp or clinic, may a coach provide an informational session about recruiting process and the student-athlete experience to a lacrosse PSA prior to Sept. 1 of his or her junior year?


Answer:  Yes.  A general informational session would be permissible; however, no institution-specific information may occur at these informational sessions.  Recruiting conversations are not permissible.


Question:  Are institution's coaches still permitted to make calls related to camps and clinics logistics prior to Sept. 1 of the PSA's junior year?


Answer:  Yes.  The content of the call must be limited to camp logistics and may not include recruiting content.


Question:  May a younger sibling (a PSA who is not yet a junior) accompany an older sibling on an unofficial or official visit?


Answer:  Yes, provided no recruiting conversations occur with the younger sibling.


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