Twenty-Six Miles:  Adapted Screenplay


Genre:  Drama, Crime, Mystery, Thriller


Novel Author:  Andrew Spencer


Logline:  A police detective investigates the mysterious disappearance of a young man on his boat with his family in the twenty-six mile stretch between Hyannis and Nantucket.  


Summary:  Inspired by the actual events involving a young man's tragic disappearance and presumed death somewhere in the twenty-six mile stretch between Hyannis and Nantucket Island, police detective, Andy Dalton, investigates conflicting stories surrounding Billy Faulkner's dissapearance.


Last seen leaving Hyannis with his wife and daughter on a cold night in March, Billy is missing from his boat when it lands on Natucket at midnight.  Detective Dalton pieces together Billy's life to determine whether he faked his death to escape his troubled past with money, drugs and infedelity or whether his wife or someone else murdered him. 


Lexi Ledoyen, #23 Capital Club Lacrosse, carries the ball in the midfield with an injury on her left knee at the Nike Elite G8 girls lacrosse tournament (2015).  The green band on Lexi's left arm shows she has committed to Syracuse as an early recruit. © Early Recruiting - Equity IX - SportsOgram


Lindsay Ernst runs in the 2017 NYC Marathon at mile 25 with a huge smile on her face and arms lined in victory.  © Equity IX - SportsOgram - photo by Leigh Ernst Friestedt NYC Marathon - Equity IX - SportsOgram
Kerrin Maurer, #9 Duke, top center with eye black under her goggles carries the ball in midfield against Syracuse midfielder at the ACC Women's Lacrosse Championship (2015).  Maurer was a top player from St. Anthony's and early recruit to Duke women's lac Early Recruiting - Equity IX - SportsOgram
Gregory and Annabelle Fowlkes race their Indian sailboat at the Constable Cup in Nantucket.  Gregory is wearing a light blue hat with a matching Indian long sleeve t-shirt. Annabelle has a yellow hat and is hiking out of the boat.  © 2017 Equity IX - Spor Sailing - Equity IX - SportsOgram


Annie Dyson, #14 Capital Lacrosse Club, is an early recruit at UVA.  Dyson showcases in front of top college coaches at the Nike Elite G8 girls lacrosse tournament (2015).  The green arm band on her left bicep shows that she has committed early to college Early Recruiting - Equity IX - SportsOgram

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