The Dealmakers:  An original screenplay


Genre:  Drama, Action, Romance


Logline:  A female investment banker joins an elite team of undercover agents on Wall Street after being passed over for partner to take down the insider-trading ring led by the Dealmakers.


Summary:  Allie McCarthy is on track to become the first female partner at ACE Capital until the Head of Investment Banking, Spencer Kearns, sabatoges her career.  On the verge of quitting, Allie is recrutited to join an undercover team of Wall Street agents led by the President of the United States.  Charged with the sale of CyberCam, a billion-dollar camera company for computers and handheld devices, Allie leads the transaction team into the Dealmakers network where she falls in love with Jason Dalton.  Faced with the economic uncertainty resulting from the burst of the Internet tech bubble, Allie fights to save her career and her life.


Charlotte North (Boston College #8) draws against Syracuse #8 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Championship Game © Copyright Equity IX - SportsOgram - Leigh Ernst Friestedt 2021 Women's Lacrosse Championship


Lindsay Ernst runs in the 2017 NYC Marathon at mile 25 with a huge smile on her face and arms lined in victory.  © Equity IX - SportsOgram - photo by Leigh Ernst Friestedt NYC Marathon - Equity IX - SportsOgram

Leigh Ernst Friestedt

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